A good friend one day said to me that you don’t find art, it finds you. I didn’t quite understand this until one day I was trying to purchase a Bromley sculpture that I had fallen in love with at ‘A Day On Earth’ in lovely Daylesford. Unfortunately, the sculpture had already been purchased and he was not able to sell it to me – not through a serious lack of trying and a bit of stalking! Feeling sorry for my sad plight, David showed me a magnificent piece that the sculpture was inspired by. It was part of his private collection and I was successfully able to acquire the painting called “Girl and a Doll”. It’s a beautiful painting that is a slightly different take on his “childrens” genre. It hangs in my bedroom and gives me great pleasure every time I look at it.

Art is such an important part or any interior for a variety of reasons.

Art finishes a room – I don’t know about you, but if I walk into a room with blank walls I feel as though it is unfinished. A room doesn’t need to resemble an art gallery, but I think it’s really important to display wall art to provide colour, texture and refinement to a room. Bare walls scream’s cold room to me.

Art provides a colour palette – a piece of art can provide instant inspiration for the rest of the room. Having pieces of art that have and will be with me for a lifetime, I often start decorating a room based on the art that will hang on its walls. This doesn’t mean every room it’s placed in will look the same, it just means that my inspiration for any given room will come from the central piece of art that will hang in it.

Art provides a focal point – a stunning piece of art will provide a focal point for a room. It will, within seconds, capture the eye of the person entering the room and provide balance and context. Positioning and size are important aspects of the art you choose and how you place it. A piece that’s too small will be lost and a piece too large will overwhelm and dominate a room regardless of how stunning it might be.

Art allows you to express your creativity – you don’t need to be an artist to showcase your creativity. The art that you choose will be an expression of who you are and how you live. Don’t worry about trends – if the art “speaks to you” then it’s meant to be with you. Most importantly, art doesn’t need to be expensive. Look out to support emerging artists or, why not buy a canvas, some paint and a brush and have a go!

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