Did you ever wonder what starts a trend, especially a colour trend? I used to naively think that the majority of the world woke up on any given day and loved one colour in particular over another. Given I am now a little more sophisticated in my thinking, I know that every year a powerful group of designers, architects and paint manufacturers get together in somewhere glamourous like Milan, Paris or New York and decide what they are going to tell us to like next year!

What are they saying for 2020?

Let’s reflect on the Pantone 2019 Colour of the Year, Living Coral. We saw a lot of this colour matched with light greys and pinks in soft furnishing, art and rugs across Australia, and the popularity of this colour will continue into 2020. Pantone just announced the colour of the year for 2020 as Bleached Coral (a slightly blue, off white colour) which is the colour coral turns when it has died. Some are suggesting that this is tone deaf, while others see it as bringing awareness to an issue that is increasing at an alarming rate due to water temperatures increasing across the globe. A great political statement, but not much of a colour really.

As well as bleached coral, here is what we can expect to see over the next 12 months in both interiors and fashion.

Neo-Mint. Neo-Mint is the big colour story for 2020. It is a sage green shade that has evolved from the popularity of the soft pastels and embodies a gender-neutral tone, moving away from the more feminine pink’s we have seen to date. It’s a fresh and inviting colour that will definitely be seen in the Australian summer décor.

Mellow Yellow. Yellow has slowly been creeping back into our interiors and will hit “mass appeal” in 2020. As opposed to the neon yellow of days gone by, 2020 will introduce a deeper more mellow and grounded hue tapping into more earthy tones.

Cantaloupe. With coral being such a strong colour trend in 2019, it has paved the way for another orange hue with cantaloupe (or Rock Mellon if you are from other parts of the world) making an appearance. It has a vibrant and fresh feelgood quality – perfect for summer décor.
Cassis. Pinks and purples have had a massive impact in past seasons and cassis blends those two tones together. It is an updated and more masculine spin on the feminine pinks and purples that we have seen so far.

Purist Blue. This is the new evolution of blue. So many tones in previous seasons has opened the door for this softer and sunnier shade. It has a crisp cool, sophisticated and contemporary feel.

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